3D CT Scans

3D CT X-rays Allentown, Philadelphia, Haverford

3D CT Scan

Dr. Potter now offers 3D CT X-rays in his dental practice.  A 3D model of the mouth is the optimal choice when planning tooth implants, but is also popular for other fields of dentistry. The 3D simulation allows Dr. Potter to rotate the pictured area into any position desired, provides cross-sections through bone matter, measures bone density and provides much more useful information. VATECH is one of the largest manufacturers of 3D CT equipment in the world and Dr. Potter recently invested in one of these incredible CT Scanners. This 3D dental X-ray machine is among those with the largest FOV ( field of view) in the world.

Please contact Dr. Potter if you need a CT scan in Allentown, Haverford or the Philadelphia metro area.  View the manufacturers video below to see how advanced this CT scanner is.  See PaX Reve 3D CT Scanner click here.