Crown Lengthening

Learn all about crown lengthening options with Dr. Potter by viewing the videos below. we have two offices to serve you. Gummy smiles can be greatly improved through the process of crown lengthening.  Philadelphia patients can visit our Haverford office, only 11 miles from downtown Philadelphia.

Cosmetic Gingival Contouring

It's fairy common to have asymmetry in the scalloping of the gingiva around the teeth. This can detract significantly from the overall appearance of the smile. If the problem is due to excess gum tissue over the enamel, re-contouring the soft tissues can be done with excellent results. First, a periodontal measuring probe is used to determine where the true edge of the tooth's enamel is relative to the underlying bone. If the bone level is at least 3mm from the edge of the enamel, soft tissue crown lengthening may be performed without re-contouring the bone. A surgical plan is developed and the gums are reshaped using either laser or traditional surgical instrumentation. Given the simple nature of the procedure, the cosmetic result can be a truly amazing improvement in the smile.

Hard and Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening Allentown