Laser Gum Treatment Allentown

Why Is Laser Periodontal Therapy on of the best options for Gum Disease Treatment in the Allentown and Haverford, Lehigh Valley areas?

    * LPTTM is as easy as erasing a blackboard — there’s no suturing and no cutting.

    * Compared to standard surgery options there is less discomfort LANAP during and after the procedure.

    * Less time is required for LANAP. All you need is 2 two hours visits with Dr. Potter. Traditional surgery options require approximately four 1 hour visits to your dentist with additional visits to remove stitches and additional follow-up visits.

    * Laser Periodontal Therapy gives more visible, long-lasting results. 98% of LPT patients remain stable after 5 years, compared to only 5% that remain stable after their surgery.

    * Your LANAP dentist Dr. Potter will probably recommend a softer diet for 1-2 days and common sense should always take precendence, but in the majority of cases, patients generally can get back to eating anything they desire right after the laser procedure.

   * The recovery time for traditional surgery can take from 2-4 weeks during which pain and swelling can occur, and the patient may be limited to liquid or soft diets.

   * The recovery period is less than 24hrs , so you won't lose any time from your work.

    * LASER PERIODONTAL THERAPY is a safe option for patients with diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or those taking medications such as Plavix or aspirin.

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After Laser Gingivectomy - Gum Lift Allentown

Improving a gummy smile with laser treatment.

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