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What is Periodontal Disease?
It's when the gums become infected. It usually starts with plaque or tartar on the the teeth. When tartar multiplies, it holds bacteria which attacks the tissue surrounding the gums. Many commonly referred to this early stage of gum disease as Gingivitis. Common symptoms include: red swollen gums, bleeding of the gims, chronic bad breath and, many times an unpleasant taste in the mouth. When left untreated, Gingivitis becomes Periodontitis. When it becomes this severe, the harmful bacteria destroys both the gums and the supporting bone structure.  Deep pockets form where teeth become separated from the gum tissue and surrounding bones. If left untreated, tooth loss eventually followes periodontitis.

Is there an ideal way to treat gum disease?
The ultimate alternative to gum surgery is LANAP™ surgical laser protocol , experience less pain, less trauma with the best way to treat periodontal disease at any stage.

What's different about Research Proven LANAP™ ?
LANAP™ uses a unique laser type called the PerioLase-MVP-7™, which was invented by 2 dentists in Cerritos, CA. These doctors spent many years perfecting a way to treat gum disease. The laser fiber, whch is extremely thin, is inserted between your teeth and the gum tissue, where it removes the noxious elements painlessly.

How many times do I have to visit your dental office?
LANAP™ takes the least amount of time compared to traditional surgery-- in just two 2 hr sessions vs. 8-10 1 hr. surgical sessions. You will not have to worry about bleeding, sutures or infection occuring during post-treatment.

What's recovery time like, will I have to follow a special program?
Recovery time is essentially immediate, because of the laser’s ability to seal blood vessels, lymphatics and nerve endings. Of course, your tissue needs time to recover, regenerate and heal over the course of time, but after LANAP™ sessions, you can drive your car, go back to work, or do anything else you like.

Does insurance cover LANAP?
The good news is, LANAP costs about the same price as conventional surgery. The costs change depending on the city you live in, so the best way to find out is to contact a PerioLase-MVP-7™ laser dentist in your area for exact figures. There is no special code for this type of treatment, so if your dental insurance company will cover the costs of conventional surgery, they will reimburse for LANAP™.