Holistic Metal Free Implants Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Dr. John Potter Discusses Metal-Free Dental Implants

Dr. John Potter is a 9x Ironman World Championships competitor and just recently qualified for his 10th Ironman World Championships. Dr. Potter has made health & fitness a priority in his life.  He uses the same passion and dedication to health and applies it to his dental practice.  Most dentists that place dental implants do not have a holistic option for their patients.  Dr. Potter offers a metal free, biocompatible option for his implant patients by using zirconium implants.  Please watch the video below to hear Dr. Potter discuss this option.  He serves patients seeking holistic dental implants in Philadelphia from his Haverford office.  Patients that live in Lehigh Valley can see Dr. Potter in his Allentown office. During your visit not only can you discuss the holistic implant treatment option but you can talk about all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. 

The titanium implant has long been the standard for replacing a missing tooth. However, Zirconia dental implants also known as ( holistic implants, Z Implants, metal free implants ) have been very popular in Europe for several years. Recently, this metal free implant has been FDA approved and introduced in the United States. The Zirconia dental implants are made of special ceramic (Zirconium oxide) that is used in the spaceships because of its high resistance to fracture and heat. There are many benefits to using this metal free alternative.

Improved Esthetics: The dark line around the gum line disappears because the white color of Zirconium substitutes metal appearance associated with Titanium.

Holistic Dental Implants: The Z implant is an option for absolute metal-free dental care as it is no longer necessary to use titanium.

Healthier Gums:   Less plaque and calculus  is retained when using ceramic implants and crowns, this improves the health of your gums.

Along with these advantages over Titanium, the Zirconium implant has all the required qualities to be a material of choice for dental implantation. These qualities are comparable to titanium.  Zirconium is an inert material with very low allergic potential. They are very strong and have a proven high level of osseointegration and bone-to-implant contact.

For more information about metal-free holistic dental implants in Allentown, Haverford and the Philadelphia metro area contact your implant dentist Dr. Potter today.